The State of Pay Per Call in 2019

2019 has brought a phenomenal amount of opportunity in the pay per call industry. Tons of budget has been allocated by brands across the space to testing this admittedly extremely popular form of digital advertising.

Taking a look at some of the data from the call based campaigns, primarily campaigns which work on a pay per call model and use pay per call tracking systems, we find below data.

Budget increase across Major Brands was 78.5% according to Forester research. Paid search accounted for close to 50% of pay per call volume of calls. There are several key metrics which indicate a profitable pay per call campaign will require a strong audience targeting. Quality and not quantity is what defines a successful Call Only campaign if you are using paid search.

Desktop call ads have lagged behind mobile call ads. Impressions tracked via google have shown a tremendous amount of growth in the pay per call marketing industry in general thanks to paid search marketing. This still remains the strongest driver behind this marketing model.

Of course, just like in any digital marketing ad campaign you always need a proper monetization tool. A way to make money from pay per call campaigns and this remains to be through pay per call affiliate networks. We have several examples including UseCallbox pay per call affiliate network which has received a lot of positive feedback and reviews. Check them out!

Also if you are lacking on pay per call resources and pay per call marketing tutorials, this pay per call blog is great start to read, powered by Callbox again